FINALLY!!! A Knotties Monthly Subscription Package!! Want the top selling, trending, NEW products BEFORE they go public? Beat the rush and sell outs and sign up for our Knotties Subscription to have your new Knotties reserved for you!

Your Knotties will ship out on the 25th of each month (no matter what the date of purchase is) to get to you just in time for the month ahead! These packages will be themed by month!

You will have the choice between 2 headbands per month or 3 headbands per month. Here is our pricing:

2 Knotties/month= $19 (save over 10% off!)

3 Knotties/month= $27 (save over 15% off!)

Want to pause or stop? You can control your subscription at any point. 

Great as a gift or a purchase for yourself.